Weird behaviour when opening a file in VS Code: app refreshes over and over


My expo client refreshes and builds over and over when I open a file in VS Code, there’s no need to save, which I understand is when the refresh function fires. In this case, I just open a file and the app starts “downloading changes” then rebuilding JS and updating, then it downloads more “changes” and rebuilds and again updates but I haven’t made a change in the code.

Do you know what it could be?

Thanks in advance.


Same happening to me for a long time and couldn’t solve it. :frowning:
I tried running as administrator
run expo with --clear params
refresh expo cli, npm, yarn, node

Unfortunately nothing helped.
Very annoying bug so far. Slows down my develeopment.
I beleave VS Code makes some file attribute or some hidden changes in background.
And sometimes i just get “Finished building JavaScript bundle in xxx ms.” like infinite loop till simulator get crashed.