Why am I not able to save a file



I tried to create a file and save it. It says “Change Saved”, but in fact ,it’s not.

Is there a way to retrieve that file? I made quite a few changes. It’s called DeckDetail.js. Just don’t believe it wasn’t actually saved and lost.


I see the file in there…

Check your history for snacks with random urls around this snack. Sometimes when you make a bunch of changes and save, it’ll save to a temp url.
Then if you make another edit and save again, it’ll save it back to the url following the name…
CC: @nikki


So how many edits does it take it to save back to my profile?
I see sometimes I saves to a temp url, sometimes it saves to profile. There is no guarantee that my edit is saved even after I click save changes. This is very annoying. Any reason why this feature is like that?

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